Wings of a Survivor - Tracey Stills
This page is dedicated to my Mother-in-Law
Mrs. Mary Kate Smith
February 14, 1926 - May 21, 2011
Truly an Angel
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Mary Kay Smith.pdf (PDF — 925 KB)
Many women aren't as blessed as I am to have had a woman in their life they truly loved and admired and was able to call her their Mother-In-Law.  I am truly a better wife, woman and mother because of the time she was in my life.
Mary Kate Smith was a true hero to many.  Her graciousness and love for people was huge.  The way she lived her life was a gift to many.  Her spirit of love will be treasured forever in all that had a relationship with her.
Mama-in-law -- I loved you but God loved you best.  Thank you for just being you!  I will miss you but I'm striving to see you again.  Take your rest.
Until we meet again,
Your daughter-in-law
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