Wings of a Survivor - Tracey Stills
Understanding and Discussing Your Diagnoses
Your cancer diagnosis has a profound impact on your entire family.  There is new information to learn.  There are treatment decisions to make.  And if you have children, you're probably also concerned about how much to tell them about your diagnosis and what you are going through.
Listed are different topics for understanding and discussing the diagnoses.
Understanding the Emotional and Mental Impact of Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss:
Talking to Your Kids about Your Diagnosis:
Helping the Sibling of the Child understand:
Helping Teenagers When a Parent Has Cancer:
Helping Children who Have Lost a Loved One:
Strengthening the Spirit:
Communicating with Your Healthcare Team:
Finding Resources in Your Community:
Combating Chemobrain:  Keeping Your Memory Sharp:
Caring for Your Skin During Cancer Treatment:
Tips for Managing Hair Loss:
Tips for Managing Nausea and Increasing Appetite During Cancer Treatment:
Young Adults with Cancer:
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